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VPS Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Virtual Hosting

A Dedicated Virtual Hosting Service with an avant-garde hosting menu-driven interface. Other private virtual web server hosting types that can be distinguished are: VPS hosting with PostgreSQL - a more intricate and fully featured database variety; private virtual server hosting with CGI and VPS web server hosting with Perl - these 2 scripting languages are also often utilized for web applications and web sites and usually they are utilized in combination with a Linux OS.

VPS Reseller Hosting

US/UK/EU/Australia-based VPS reseller hosting services. Multi-currency support. No contracts. No billing fees. Nothing to buy in advance.A VPS server provides the optimal balance between performance and price and is the most relevant solution for mid-size resource-devouring websites such as e-stores, community portals or corporate web pages.

Dedicated Virtual Hosting

A Dedicated Virtual Hosting Service with an exclusive web hosting interface. At 'NTC Hosting' you can explore a bunch of different VPS hosting plans that offer billing and customer support tools, a domain reseller account, and a web hosting Control Panel tool of your preference.

Shared Hosting VS VPS

Shared Hosting vs VPS. What kind of a hosting solution do you really need? Both the shared and the VPS alternatives are offering unlimited domain hosting quotas.At '' you can review a couple of different VPS hosting packages that offer invoicing and client support software tools, a domain reseller account, and a Control Panel GUI of your preference.

WordPress VPS Hosting

A WordPress blog and a VPS hosting account, managed via a stylish web hosting graphical user interface. A robust physical machine is partitioned into several virtual web hosting servers that simulate the performance of a customary dedicated server. There are many software applications that make this slicing possible so that the customer acquires a fully functional web server with complete root access and ensured resources.

VPS Reseller

VPS reseller automation: instant VPS setup, 24/7 client support, monthly billing, no billing fees, no reseller deposits. VPS signifies Virtual Private Server and it performs like a dedicated hosting server as far as management is concerned since you are granted full root access with an option to reboot the Virtual Private Server distantly.